Ventilation for Susan’s Deli of Course

Susan’s Deli Of Course is located downtown Boston on Atlantic Ave, and needed some custom exhaust work done. We installed a new exhaust fan for them as well as routed the duct work to the roof. The ducts had to to go from the first floor to the seventh floor, across the roof, and up four more stories against the adjoining building. For this project we were required to bring a big crane onto the middle of Atlantic Avenue to access the roof. We welded the duct work on the street and used the crane to fly them to the roof. Getting a crane onto Atlantic Ave is no small feat. You only get one chance to do it right. The project went smoothly without a hitch. We finished on time without incident.        

Cooling Systems & Tips for Data Centers

Tenant Improvement for Technology Companies At McDonald Construction, we offer customized tenant improvement services and remodels for all types of companies. We understand that your needs as a tech company are going to be very specific to be able to accommodate the amount of technology and equipment that your space will need to house. Whether it’s server rooms or  an IT department, we are prepared to outfit your new office space with the tenant improvement services that you need. Overheating is a huge risk for data centers and IT offices. Computers, servers, and devices throw off a lot of heat. Installing redundant cooling will eliminate the possibility of the environment overheating, causing system failures. Proper cooling is vital to any technology company or data center to keep everything running at optimal temperature. At McDonald Construction we install advanced HVAC systems called ‘Redundant Cooling’ including the Redundant Leibherr Cooling System. These systems are dual-powered to  provide a back up in case one … Continue reading