Misc Tenant Improvement & Repairs

Tenant Improvement Services

Fresh Air Exhaust & Ventilation

This basement work space and storage area had a dank, wet basement smell. To remedy this we installed an exhaust to outside for fresh air flow.

Tank & Battery Acid Containment Wall for Generator in Basement

This generator, located in a sub-basement, was in need of safety improvements. We installed a curb, or containment wall to protect the rest of the facility if the generator tank were to leak battery acid.

Wood Blocking for Hanging Cabinets in Break Room Kitchen

We installed wooden blocking to support new kitchen cabinets in this employee/student break room kitchen at MIT, 300 Technology Sq.

Chair Rail Installation in Break Room

We installed a chair rail in the employee cafeteria as a tenant improvement service in The Old John Hancock Building, 200 Berkley St, Boston MA

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