Office Build Out & Expansions


We are a professional general contractor and construction management company specializing in corporate and office construction. We successfully renovate, expand and build new office buildings for various owners and tenants. When leasing an office space, finding a lease is a difficult process, half of that process it completing a build-out that will be the best configuration for your company and best equipped for your needs.

Providing the lease provides allowances for tenant improvement, the condition of the space is a big factor in determining how much a build-out will cost the tenant. A consultation is needed to determine how much work is needed to make the space meet your requirements. If the building is current and up to date with all building codes, the project will move smoother, but we are also able to update your space as we go along.

You need to choose a contractor who understands your business goals. You need someone who understand your time constraints, what you are trying to accomplish and what the budget is. We are the contractors you can trust with an office build out or expansion in Boston and the surrounding area. We are accustomed to working in large office buildings, old buildings, and high rises. We run a tight ship, keeping disturbances to surrounding tenants to a minimum.

Call us today for your next office build out or expansion project at 508-746-3238 or e-mail Rich McDonald,

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