Office Renovation



As opposed to an office build out, office renovations involve modifying the interior of a building while keeping its shell the same and the walls in the same place. Businesses make renovations for a variety of reasons. You need a contractor who understands the reasons behind your decisions, why you are renovating, and what you hope to accomplish. Whether you are a business owner, building owner, or just the current tenant, a renovation in an excellent way to add efficiency to your space, customize it to your own business and expand your branding. You want a space that matches your company and your company’s individual needs.

Whether you are a new tenant looking to completely change a space to suit your business’ new location, or if you’re an existing tenant looking to bring the building up to code or alter the space to match your changing operational needs, we are the contractors you can trust for office renovation, and tenant improvement.


For more information on our office renovation services please call us at 508-746-3238 or e-mail Rich McDonald at

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